Barco e2 & Event Master Hire

At Invisible Pixel we don’t just want to offer box rental, we want to support your event going as well as possible, thats why we prefer to rent our Barco e2 with a support package tailored to your needs.

When you rent a product from us we can offer a full video solution, of course you’re also welcome to just have the box.



Barco e2

Barco e2With our Barco E2 package, we can offer a Production rack with all the bits you need for a general video control area. We’re also happy to rent just the box.





Barco eXBarco eX

If you need more inputs, a bi-directional link to a stage or other event space we can offer our Barco eX package, this can also be used as a stand alone switch, convertor or matrix.




Tri-Combo Cards

TC I/O cardsOur eX comes with the option of Tri-Combo In & Tri-Combo Out. We also offer these cards to hire alone.

Offering 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x DP1.4 & 4x SDI(up to 12G) the TC card is a very versatile product. The V2 cards also offer the ability to deal with  2x 4k@60hz on a single slot of an Barco e2,s3 & eX.  (please note: only certain input slots on Barco e2 & s3)



Barco EC-30Barco EC-30

To put your programming & presets at the tip of your fingers we offer the Barco EC-30. Bringing preset & user key recall, cues & groups out of the software and easily accessible. The EC-30 has a rugged & responsive design.



BM SDI/HDMI BiDirectional ConvertorConvertors

We offer the option to have Blackmagic SDI/HDMI BiDirectional Micro Convertors to make the TCI/TCO cards even more flexible.




Fibre Drum

MTP Fibre

We also can offer 120m dual MTP.  This can be rented with our eX package or stand alone.  Because its a dual MTP it offers either a redundancy when used with eX (in/out) or the ability to put an s3 on the end (requires both MTP lines)




CXP convertorsCXP Fibre Solutions

With the MTP Fibre we also have CXP fibre convertors. We stock enough convertors to connect 2 e2s & have spares.



1Gb Network1GB speed

Our dual MTP fibre also has a pair of LC fibre lines which offers the ability to have 1000Gb network at 120m




HDMI FibreHDMI 4k Fibre

We have a selection of HDMI fibres between 30 & 100m long, up to 4k@60 compatible.